Project 52: Week 1Crocodile

Went to London yesteday. Following a few days of sun [okay, so it was cold… but SUN!!] I was hoping for the same on my trip to London thinking that it would be a great opportunity to kick off my Project 52. So was it sunny? Er, no! Snow. Gloom. Grey. So off we went to the London Aquarium to avoid the crowds [we went in quite late] and the snow flurries. I hadn’t been for years. Enjoyed it a treat, although it was very difficult to take good photos because of the poor lighting and the thick glass. However, this photo of the basking crocodile wasn’t bad at all. I think the reflection works well and adds depth. The background colours reminded me of the gloomy and moody light when I watched King Kong a week or so ago. You could almost be in a jungle setting. I think I was quite lucky to get this shot because after I had clicked off 3 or 4 photos to try and get the best angle, Mr Croc got bored and took himself off into the shadows.

Taken with a Fujifilm x10 using the Toy Camera setting with some playing around in Photoshop Elements to help bring out more detail in the crocs skin. Hope you like it.


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