Old New College Oxford

Project 52: Week 2
Old New College Oxford: Week 2

Half term so had a day out in Oxford. It was grey and wet when we set out from home but when the train arrived in Oxford the weather had improved. Still had to buy an umbrella later on though. You can see the puddles at the grass edge.

Borrowed my dad’s Fujifilm x10 for the day as it was small and easy to carry. This was one of my favourite photos of the day. It brightened up enough to give some life to the honey coloured stone of the architecture. This is New College Oxford which is, in fact, one of the oldest colleges. I guess it was new when first named! The college was founded in 1379. I also found out that scenes from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire were filmed at the college.

My dad sometimes adds textures to his photos to give them an antique look. I had a go at this with this photo. I found that you have to experiment to find the right texture. The final composition seems to work. Hope you enjoy it.


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