London from the Thames

Project 52: Week 5London from the Thames

A photo taken right at the start of the week for a change.

It was my dad’s birthday so a great excuse for a trip into London. We all like to walk along the South Bank from Westminster to the Millenium Bridge. So with the compact camera in my hands I kept my eyes open for an interesting photo opportunity.

I thought this scene of old buildings with the newer ones growing behind them was interesting. London Bridge is to the right of the photo and you can see The Gerkin peeking out from the back. I took quite a few shots at different angles. There were quite a few seagulls swooping around and I hoped that I might catch one or more in a good position in the photos. When I looked at the photos at home this one stuck out. The seagull in the top right makes this photo for me. I hope you like it as well.

This is another photo which I did not have to edit much. I set my camera to Toy Camera setting which gave it its warm colours which I think suit the scene well.

Taken with a Fujifim x10.


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