Harris Gardens

Project 52: Week 6

Harris Gardens

Firstly, thank you very much Photography Monthly for choosing my blog for the first months prize in the Project 52 competition. I was delighted to find out that I had won.

The Harris Gardens are part of Reading University. When I was much younger we used to spend a lot of time at the university. Particularly cycling around the grounds.

This weeks photo is very much an experiment, trying something that I have never really done on my own before. When my dad first bought a digital camera he was interested in what is called HDR. Basically you mix three or more photos together to get more detail. It does tend to make the photos pop out. The danger is that the photos can look too unreal.

Anyway, my dad said that he would show me how to make a HDR photo. What I did was find some scenes that I liked and took three photos of the scene but at different exposures. So one was too dark, one about right and one too light. Then I used software called Photomatix to join the photos together. After that you can play with the sliders to control what the photo looks like until you are happy with the picture.

My dad suggested that buildings tend to work better than landscapes but I liked this picture. I liked the shape of the evergreen trees next to the bare tree on the right and then the tree with blossom to the left. Also, my last photo was of a city scene so it was nice to have some countryside.

I admit that I had a few practise goes at adjusting the photos until I finally had one I was OK with. I hope you also like it.

The camera used for this photo was a Nikon D200.


2 thoughts on “Harris Gardens

  1. Congratulations for winning this month’s prize! Bet you’re chuffed.
    You have such a good eye for landscapes.

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