Bluebell Bouquet

Project 52: Week 8

In the middle of exams so wanted to capture an interesting yet quick photo for this week’s blog. So came up with a mini bouquet still life. I had previously taken a few still life shots when I was a member of my school photo club. You can see them on my Flickr site.

At first I took some photos against a white sheet but the flowers didn’t stand out. Perhaps if they were red. But then I thought I would place the mini vase (which is only a couple of inches high) and flowers in the doorway of our long hall which is quite dark when the other doors are shut. I hoped that this would make the background dark and the flowers stand out.

I wanted to blur the background so used a wide aperature. After taking quite a few photos lying on the floor this one was my favourite. I hope you like it.

Holidays next week so I hope to get out and about to take some different photos. Back to revision now.

This week’s photo was taken with a Nikon D200.


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