Mr D

Project 52: Week 10

Mr D LoRes

Well, this week I have captured our cat enjoying some of the great sun we have had. He is a great character and very much a member of the family. Very friendly and loves attention. He’ll follow you around the house and when you sit down he’ll find a spot near you (if not on top of you). Loves company.

Unfortunately, he is getting old now and since the new year has lost lots of weight. Apparently he has a dodgy kidney which is quite common for Persians. He has special food, but for a cat he eats like a mouse. He may be a little slower nowadays but he still enjoys life so that’s good.

Again, I borrowed my dad’s old Nikon D200 with a wide angle lens. This gives the photo a funky look. Another photo where I had to lie on the ground so that I could get an interesting angle – cats-eye-view. There was another photo which I liked but decided not to post that one as the washing on the line behind was distracting. Doh!

(I am a bit annoyed that the photo is so small but I don’t know how to sort this out. Perhaps because the photo is in portrait this week. You can get a larger version if you click on it).


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