Look Left, Look Right

Project 52: Week 14
Look Left, Look Right

I took this photo rather late as I was struggled to find time to get some good snaps. Yesterday I had the idea of photographing my neighbour’s art instillation which was on the lake in Reading University. This was a floating bench on AstroTurf. Unfortunately, it had been taken down which was really annoying. So I decided to try and photograph some ducks by the lake. I originally brought my dad’s camera to photograph the bench because he has a better zoom lens. However, my dad kept a close eye on me so that I didn’t break his expensive camera.

I found some ducks and took a few photos. When I got home I picked the best two photos of the group that I took but couldn’t decide which to download. So I asked my parents which was best and I decided to put up this photo after some editing in Elements 10. I like this photo because both ducks are looking in opposite ways and it is like a mirror image and the duck on the right is nice and colourful with its emerald green neck. On the other photo I liked, both of the ducks were looking to the left but I don’t think it was as clear, plus I caught the ducks central to the screen on the photo I chose, which turned out well. Hope you like it!

Camera used Canon 7D.


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