Garden Monster

Project 52: Week 17

Garden Monster

I was kicking a ball around in the garden with a friend when he shouted out, “Have a look at this huge spider”. So there was the idea for this week’s photo.

I went to grab the Fujifilm x10 as it is good at taking clear close ups. That’s why I used it for the pencil shot in week 7.

I took a number of photos as it wasn’t easy to get a super sharp photo as there was a slight breeze which made the web sway. Plus I had to hold the camera with stretched out arms as there was a bush between me and the spider.

I would have preferred to get the spider from the top but clearly that didn’t suit him. But a shot from below is different and not an angle we usually see spiders from.

This isn’t one for arachnophobics.

See! There are monsters at the bottom of your garden.


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