Pasta with a Twist

Project 52: Week 20

Pasta with a Twist

Now that I a back in England the weather has been pretty rubbish. It has rained most days this week and today it really bucketed down. So as it was getting very near the end of the week I decided to do an indoor shoot.

I must admit, this week’s photo idea was given to me by a photo that I saw on Flickr which I was browsing for inspiration. I used some white card to give me a nice blank background. I arranged this with the sharpener and pasta on a coffee table which I placed near the window for light. Unfortunately, it was still quite dull. So after I had taken a few shots which I wasn’t completely happy with I decided to try using the flash. These photos were much better.

I didn’t edit the photo much except to crop it a little and I sharpened it a bit.

It is a simple photo but I think it came out well. I like the way it copies what a pencil does but using unexpected items.

This Week’s photo was taken with a Fujifilm x10.


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