Project 52: Week 21


This week’s photo was inspired by the blog from thetinygalaxy (AKA Celia) – http://thetinygalaxy.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/frida-week-twenty-one/ . She in turn was inspired by the photos of Lee Jeffries. The funny thing is that I showed the photo to my dad and he said Lee Jeffries was one of his contacts on Flickr. We both had a look at his photos and I remembered having looked at them a while ago. They are excellent black and white photographs. They have a very dark and gritty feel to them which I like.

Anyway, I thought I would have a go at this style of photo. I asked my dad if I could photo him. The main reason is that he hasn’t shaved for a while and the stubble gives his face some character.

To give the portrait that gritty look I made it black and white and played with some textures. To get the background dark, I took the photo close to a window with the curtains mostly closed. This let the light fall on my dad’s face but kept the rest of the room quite dark. The dark textures also helped to make the background darker. Working with the textures took a while before I liked the final effect. This is the second time in my Project 52 blog where I have experimented with textures (see week 2). It can be a bit hit and miss and does not always work. But when it does it can give a great effect.

This Week’s photo was taken with a Fujifilm x10 again.


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