Houses of Parliament

Project 52: Week 25

I said last week that I wanted to try some more long exposure photography. And I have this week.
I went to London with my dad today [Saturday]. This weekend is what is called Open House London. Many buildings which you can’t usually enter are opened for the public. The plan was for me and dad to spend a day in London and then to go into London again tomorrow with mum who couldn’t come today.

We thought we might check out Lloyds of London and the Gherkin as they were very close to each other. However, the queues were huge and we decided against it. We agreed to look at the outsides of the building instead and maybe go into any which were not too busy. One building that we did enter was The Royal Courts of Justice. It was a very impressive building inside but you were not allowed to take photos.

Outside the weather was very dull and cloudy. We eventually made our way to the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and further along, the M16 Building.

Using the tripod we both took photos of the buildings. When I got home I found it very difficult to choose which photo to post. It was between a photo of the M16 Building and one of the Houses of Parliament. In the end I went for Parliament. Because the light was so dull I decided to convert the photo to black and white again which I think suits the image very well. One thing I am not 100% happy with is that when blow up the photo it is not as crisp as I would like. I will need to practise some more on focusing when using a neutral density filter. But other than that I am happy with the photo.


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