Signs of Autmn

Project 52: Week 28

Signs of Autmn

It is so easy to take a photo but so hard to take a good one.

This week it started to get colder and the leaves have clearly started to fall. So to mark the start of autumn I decided to capture the seasonal change in a photo. The wooded area of the university is a short walk from my house so I headed off. It was Saturday and evening was coming up fast. I had left it a little late as I had spent the day in town with my friends.

On my way home the sunset over the lake turned a wonderful red colour. I thought that I would post one of these photos. However, after playing with one that I taken of fallen leaves and the bottom of a tree I thought this was a more interesting picture and better fitted the autumn theme. I wanted to get a fairy tale effect in the photo. To do this I played with some textures in Elements.

Anyway, this post is the result. I think I have sort of created what I wanted. But I have not ruled out a sunset in a future photo.

Camera used – Fujifilm x10.


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