Project 52: Week 29


We are going to Cardiff for the weekend so I had planned to take this week’s and next week’s photos over the weekend. I start my week from Sunday. However, we were sitting in the dining room and the moon looked very bright and my dad suggested I could try and take a photo of it with his telephoto lens.

He had never done this before nor had I. After discussing the best way to take the photo, and having taken a few practise shots this seemed the best approach. [1] Manually adjust aperture and shutter speed. [2] Manually focus. I had never taken photos in manual setting but after a few trial and error shots I got my shutter speed how I liked it. I had already learned how to focus manually. See my lake shot. However, I accidently discovered a new setting. In live view, if I pressed one of the buttons I could get 10 times the magnification on the screen. This was useful as even though I was using a 200mm lens the moon still looked small on the camera screen.

I must admit that I had a WOW! feeling when I looked at the screen and zoomed into the first photo. It was like looking through a telescope. Altogether I took 10 photos.

The one that I posted I thought was the crispest. This was important as I had to crop the photo quite a lot to make it stand out.

So there you have it. Something different again.


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