Hot Pepper Sauce

Project 52: Week 31

Hot Pepper Sauce

A whole week off and another last minute photo. But then if you are with friends or off with parents there’s little time to get out with the camera. So, another Saturday photo taken between coming home from having gone shopping in Swindon and before a certain program on ITV. That is why I am messing around with it on Sunday.

I got my inspiration for this week’s photo from a similar photo I saw of a Tobasco Sauce bottle. Sadly, mine is not as good. It was very hard to get the smoke coming out of the bottle. The only thing we had in the house were incense sticks. The problem was that they didn’t give off much smoke. My dad suggested putting some baby oil on them which helped a bit but not much. Plus, the effect only lasted for a few seconds so I had to take the photo quickly. I had the camera ready set up on the tripod.

For the background I used a dark sheet. However, I still had to darken it further in Elements to make it really black. This has slightly affected the look of the edge of the bottle on the left. With better lighting I might have got a better effect. There is only so much you can do with a lamp in the bedroom on a desk.

But even though the photo is not perfect I am pleased with what I have achieved. I like the illusion that I have created. And in real life I love hot food. My friends can’t handle most of the spicy food that I like to eat.

I used the Fujifilm x10 again. Thanks for viewing.


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