Rubik’s Cube

Project 52: Week 32

Rubik's Cube

OK! So, another last day photo. Why? Well, to start with it is RAINING! I should have played a football match this morning but it got rained off. Also, I’m not feeling great. We are planning to go into London tomorrow so I hope I feel better tomorrow. So an indoor photo it had to be. This doesn’t make it easy to be original.

As it was so dull and horrible I thought that I would try to take something colourful and light. I had a good rummage through my old stuff and found one of my Rubic’s Cubes. And here it is.

To make it stand out I placed it on a sheet of large white paper, set the camera to macro and pressed the trigger. Very limited editing needed. Just a bit of sharpening and boosting the colour. I like the simplicity of the photo. Because of the white background it has an abstract quality which I like.

P.S. I am a little annoyed. On the computer screen, the background looked white. However, on the website, there are yellowish sections. Oh well.

P.S. again. I was going to repost this photo after tinkering with the yellow bits. However, as I seem to have received quite a few ‘likes’ I’ll leave it alone. It seems enough of you like it ;0)


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