Signs of Autumn Part 2 (or Berry Good!?)

Project 52: Week 34

Signs of Autumn Part 2 (or Berry Good!?)

From a wide landscape last week to a focused detail this week.

Anyway, I must first admit that this week’s photo was inspired by one which my dad took earlier when he way testing out a new lens. The idea was to capture a bit of autumn. So that meant a close up with a shallow depth of field. His was of a leaf though.

I scavenged around the garden for some berries which had been falling off our neighbour’s tree into our garden. I experimented with different number combinations but three seemed liked the right one. I also played with different poses. Lining the berries up and then stacking them. Again I went for the line up and took a number of shots from different angles slightly varying how the berries were placed. To get the shallow depth of field I set my camera in macro setting. I placed the berries on our garden table. It stays out all year and currently has some moss on it which I think adds to the feel of the photo.

As in Signs of Autumn Part 1 I decided to blend in a texture to add depth of colour. Also (copying the style of my dad’s photo of a leaf) I added a caption on the photo itself which I think adds to the overall effect.

I am pleased with how this week’s photo came out considering it was so easy taking it since it was literally on my door step. Back door step that is. Hope you also like it. And sorry for the cheesy title.


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