Night in the Park

Project 52: Week 36

Night in the Park

I have tried to create a spooky image this week. I was again inspired by a photo my dad took last year when the snows started. We all went to the park in the evening when it was getting dark. It is only a few minutes from our house. I used to spend loads of time here when I was younger. My team also plays its Saturday matches here every Saturday. Sadly we lost 2:0 this morning. Anyway, my dad previously took his little Fujifilm camera which I now use a lot. When he took his photo he put the camera in Toy Camera setting which gave it an interesting effect. Instead I used our old Nikon D200 on a tripod. To get that spooky look I blended in a couple of textures from the many dad has collected.

Oh by the way, those birds are not real. Dad showed me how to add those from brushes that he has in Photoshop elements. I think that they add to the mood of the photo.

Camera this week: Nikon D200 plus a tripod.


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