Destination Christmas

Project 52: Week 37

Destination Christmas

Yesterday [Sunday] my mum, dad and I went to London for a spot of shopping and generally looking around. We went to Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, Whitechapel (mum remembered going to a nice restaurant there and wanted to go back and yes it was nice) and then we finished off walking the length of Oxford Street.

Although I took the camera as I thought that this would be a good opportunity for this week’s photo I didn’t actually take that many photos. I decided on this one because it summed up the day. Lots of crowds pushing and shoving on the pavements and in the shops all because it is coming up to CHRISTMAS!

This shop was so lit up that I did not notice what its name was. Mum told me later that it was one of the most famous department stores – Selfridges. I used my dad’s new fish eye lens to take this photo. First, it let me get a lot more of the shop into the photo. Secondly, I like the effect.


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