Baubles and Light Balls – Merry Christmas

Project 52: Week 38

Baubles and Light Balls - Merry Christmas

I took this photo on Friday but hoped that I might get the chance to take a better one on Saturday as we were going to Somerset to visit my Nan before Christmas. Sadly the weather was rubbish and we stayed in the house most of the time.

So I was stuck with my bauble photo. I have seen a variety of these types of shots. When done well they look good. The idea was to get a sharp shot of the bauble but blur out the Christmas tree lights so they looked like light globes. I originally tried to use my Fujifilm x10 but this did not give me the effect I wanted. So I next tried with my dad’s old Nikon D200 with a 50mm lens. That was much better.

So what if there are lots of photos of baubles on the net at the moment. Its Christmas so what do you expect? Anyway, this is my picture of a bauble and I like how it came out.


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