Staircase Helter Skelter

Project 52: Week 40

Staircase Helter Skeler

First I would like to say thanks for all the views, likes and follows that I have recently had. I don’t know why but my views went crazy on 31 December and are still strong today.

Today I went into London with my dad. Apart from keeping my eyes open for a birthday present for myself, we came across a fantastic spiral staircase in Heals department store. Both my dad and I took some photos. It was difficult to choose the best spot to take the photo from. However, this one was, I think, the best one which I took. Dad loved the staircase but wasn’t happy with any of his shots and wants to go back for another go.

I haven’t really edited this photo at all except to add a bit of sharpening. This is a very impressive staircase and I hope that this photo manages to get this across. If you are in London I would recommend a visit.


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