Moonlight Mining

Project 52: Week 41

Moonlight Mining

This Friday was my birthday. I am officially a teenager.

Saturday came and I had not yet posted my week’s photo blog. Then I had a brain wave. At school we are reading Holes by Louis Sachar. The relevant bit that gave me the idea was of a group of kids [in a teenagers type prison] having to dig holes in a hot desert. Anyway, our bathroom floor has tiles which are sandy colour. I thought if I could get some little figures I could put together a desert digging or mining scene.

I only had Lego figures from when I was a kid [remember I am now a TEENAGER]. However, I knew that my neighbour had some ‘little people’ which he used for a photo competition he had previously entered. So I borrowed them and here you go.

I used my dad’s Nikon D200 with a 50mm lens set to wide aperture. With the help of a piece of crystal I already had and a torch which I put on the floor to the left pointing at the centre of the scene I took a number of photos either moving the figures, the torch or both and then chose my favourite photo.

I didn’t really change anything when editing the photo except to sharpen the central diggers and to take some of the colour away to make it look more like a moon lit scene. Even though I say so myself, I like the final effect.


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