Project 52: Week 42


I was really keen to post something really different. Not long now before the 52nd week of Project 52. So I wanted my photo to stand out.

How I got to post this photo is a bit of a story. About a week ago my dad showed me a magazine with this technique being used. I then forgot about it. On Wednesday my dad went over to our neighbour who enters a photography competition every month with his work. They took some laser painting photos and also used this oil on water technique. When Dave (my neighbour) e-mailed some of the photos I thought the oil on water shots were really cool. So yesterday (Thursday) I got the magazine, read what to do and had a go. Oh! The photo also fitted with what we have been learning about in science. It looks like a solar system.

It’s an interesting technique because the bubbles change shape as do the colours as they move around. It was also hard to take clear photos. Focusing was really tricky and I couldn’t use a tripod because of the angle of the shot. I took over 70 shots. Some I didn’t like because they were not in focus. I also kept taking them because as I moved the camera lens new interesting images came onto the camera screen.

I didn’t do much to edit the photo except to crop it a bit and I also sharpened it. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.


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