Rain, Rain Go Away

Project 52: Week 43

Rain, Rain Go Away

This is not one of my best. Saturday came and still no photo. Then it rained in the afternoon. So I decided that that would become my photo for this week. The rain water was happily building up on our kitchen side window so I set up the tripod and made sure that the camera focused on the glass. To do this I stuck a piece of Post It note on the glass and focused on this. In case you are wondering, the blur is a window box with what greenery has survived and a single limp flower (probably hoping that the sun comes out … Soon).

Apart from cropping the photo a bit I have done nothing else to it.

Luckily the rain stopped towards the end of the day as we were planning to go to a Lebanese restaurant in the evening with family friends. Unluckily we did not book a table so had to go elsewhere (which was ok).

Hopefully next week’s photo will be a better one.

P.s. This photo has been more popular than I could have imagined. Within minutes I was getting likes and follows. Thanks everyone.


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