Bathrom Light

Project 52: Week 44

Bathrom Light

Saturday again and still no photo. But my inspiration has come early in the day. Every day has been wet this week. Football was off this morning and I didn’t go to training yesterday because of the rain. But it is/was sunny this morning.

As I got out of the shower the steam made great light rays from the small square window on the far side of the bathroom. So I rushed to get my dressing gown on and grabbed the camera to catch the light. Guess what? My camera streamed up! I did eventually manage to get some ok shots but I wasn’t that impressed. I showed my dad the photos I had and he suggested that I spray some deodorant at the window to catch the light. Well, I did this and the effect was much better. Thanks Lynx! The tricky thing was to hold the camera in one hand and the spray in the other because the effect didn’t last very long. The room smelled nice for a long time afterwards!

I turned the photo into a black and white to try and make the light stand out more. I also thought it looked better this way. I increased the contrast which also helped to boost the light ray.

I am happy with the photo. While it may not be a great landscape or city scene I think it is interesting.

By the way, it is a shame that the Project 52 competition ends at the end of March. We have just booked a holiday to New York for Mid April. That would have given me some great opportunities for photos.

Took this week’s photo with the Fujifilm x10.


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