Project 52: Week 47


This is not the photo that I planned for this week, which is my half term week. I was going to do an architectural based photo but the weather has spoilt my plans. Maybe I’ll squeeze this in on Sunday.

Instead, I have taken a still life. I used some tulips which were still alive from Valentine’s Day (which my dad bought for my mum). What I wanted to achieve was for the flowers to have a pitch black background which I was pleased to get. I’ve seen this done before and it makes the flowers stand out really well. In fact, if you look at my Flickr site I took a similar photo for my schools photography club: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37141712@N06/7190253251/in/photostream/. To do this I put a dark sheet up in front of the window. I also got a spot light to light up the flowers. The main lights were turned off. Finally, I used a tripod to keep everything still. I took a lot of photos and this is the one which I liked best. Actually, it was tough choosing a photo because many were very similar. One thing I wish that I’d change was to pull off that large centre leaf. Oh well! Never mind!

This week’s photo was taken using a Nikon D200.


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