Multi Story

Project 52: Week 49

Multi Story

I know that Photography Monthly’s Project 52 is officially over but I couldn’t resist posting today’s photo.

Today was the Reading Half Marathon and my mum, dad and I went into the town to cheer on the runners and take some photos. We had friends who were taking part. Part of the course was near the town’s main shopping centre. The Oracle. The Oracle includes a large multi-story car park. We passed near this and I thought that the spiral ramp might make a great photo. So off I headed with my dad while mum went to the bike shop. Luckily, I could get right in the middle of the spiral.

Apart from cropping and converting into black and white I have done nothing to this photo. I think the shapes are very strong and that it suits black and white.


4 thoughts on “Multi Story

  1. You’re probably getting loads of these… but well done! Fantastic photography. Long may it continue 🙂

  2. Thanks Barnaby. I knew that both you and Light Phonics had excellent blogs and photographs. I think it was a tough decision for Photography Monthly. I was delighted to win as you can imagine. The camera is fantastic. Not really used it properly. Shame there were no second and third place prizes. At least we won one of the monthly prizes as well 🙂

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