One of the things on my shopping list was snap backs, or as my dad calls them base ball caps. What does he know?!


I knew what I wanted but still found it difficult to find. It was a particular Miami Heat snap back. This was one shop that was recommended to me (I can’t remember the name now). As you can see they had lots of hats. One wall was just hats and the opposite wall was just trainers. Didn’t find what I wanted but the amount of stuff was impressive and I think made for an interesting photo.

Another one with the Nikon D610.

3 thoughts on “Hats

  1. I think an interesting shot here would have been to capture a closer image, again straight on, but this time only showing 10 or so hats, along with one of the empty spots. This would have given a rhythm and stop composition ( which I happen to be writing a post on at the moment!). I like the scale of this picture though, the expanse of hats has been well shown!

  2. Maybe, but I wanted to give a feel of infinity. NY and America is, of course, know for being BIGGER in most of the things it does. Take food for example food and portions. That’s why I went for the widest shot I could.

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