Destination Christmas

Project 52: Week 37

Destination Christmas

Yesterday [Sunday] my mum, dad and I went to London for a spot of shopping and generally looking around. We went to Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, Whitechapel (mum remembered going to a nice restaurant there and wanted to go back and yes it was nice) and then we finished off walking the length of Oxford Street.

Although I took the camera as I thought that this would be a good opportunity for this week’s photo I didn’t actually take that many photos. I decided on this one because it summed up the day. Lots of crowds pushing and shoving on the pavements and in the shops all because it is coming up to CHRISTMAS!

This shop was so lit up that I did not notice what its name was. Mum told me later that it was one of the most famous department stores – Selfridges. I used my dad’s new fish eye lens to take this photo. First, it let me get a lot more of the shop into the photo. Secondly, I like the effect.


Notting Hill Carnival

Project 52: Week 22

Notting Hill Carnival

On Bank Holiday Monday I went to the Notting Hill Carnival. I managed to take quite a few photos but chose to post this one because it was the most vibrant. It stood out because each of the three people in the picture are wearing different colours.

This is the first time that I visited the Notting Hill Carnival. I thought that it was great. The costumes were very creative and extremely colourful. The streets were very crowded with everyone trying to get a good view of the carnival processions.

I didn’t need to edit to photo except to sharpen it a bit. I didn’t even need to crop it as I thought that it filled the frame well with action and colour.

First Day

Project 52: Week 18

First Day

This was taken on the last day of week 18 and the first day of my holiday.

I had struggled to find something to photography during the week in the UK so decided that I would try a get an interesting shot when I got to Valencia. The only problem might be that there might not be enough time.

We got into the city around midday, and after a rest, unpacking and some food we caught the metro into the old city for a late afternoon walk and to get a idea of what was in the city centre.

The narrow, old side streets were particularly interesting. Many had some great graffiti. As it turned out, I haven’t posted one of the graffiti shots I took but this one of the man turning the corner on his bike. Why? Well, I wanted this weeks photo to be different. I was in a different country, with different weather, different language, different architecture …. different styles even.

This guy looked different. He stood out with his great hairstyle (like the characters in the Hair Bear Bunch my mum said -apparently some cartoon she watched when she was young). He was also cycling handsfree (at least before getting to this bend). The buildings are also clearly different to the ones we usually see in the UK.

So there you are. Something a bit different.

Taken with a Fujifilm x10.

Light and Shade

Project 52: Week 4Light and Shade

OK, so I continue to investigate the world around me. I’m finding it trickier to get good photos now the holidays are over. There is so little time during the week.

Anyway, I have been looking at some street photography and thought I would have a go. The best photos seem to be black and white with a good mix of light and shade. So off I went to Reading town centre to capture some shots.

It was really difficult to get a good picture. It also feels odd taking pictures of others and, as I tried, to keep them anonymous. Anyway, I think that this was the best of the bunch and the man cannot be recognised. As you can see, I have left some colour in the photo, but not much, to make the character stand out more.

As it was late afternoon the shadows were strong. I also like the simplicity of the photo with the lone figure walking silently across the scene. I will definitely try street photography again.

Taken with a Fujifilm x10. I thought this was a good camera for the photo trip as it is small and does not stand out.