Twenty Five

This is one of my entries for a school photo competition run at my school. Can’t decide whether to enter it in the portrait section or enhanced as it is a bit of both.

Superman 1

Another photo using the Nikon D610. I also used a few videos on YouTube to work out how to do some of the effects. For example, the head was made a bit bigger than normal. I also added the old fashioned wallpaper. I really like the way it has come out. It took a long time to put together but worth it. And finally, the model. Well superman is my super dad!

The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia – or Halo Reach

Project 52: Week 19

The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia - or Halo Reach

It was difficult to decide which photo to upload this week. Whilst on holiday in Valencia we visited the City of Arts and Sciences area which had super modern buildings.

I didn’t know what to expect before we got there but as we walked along the old riverbed towards the area I suddenly saw this huge building which looked like something right out of Halo. This was the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía. My phone camera was kept busy I can tell you.

As we got closer we could see the aquarium building (L’Oceanogràfic), the science museum and L’Hemisfèric where you can see a 3D film. We visited all three of these attractions. They were great. The only disappointment was that we missed the dolphin show in the L’Oceanogràfic as the one we wanted to see was full and we didn’t have time to wait for the next show.

Anyway, before going in my dad and I spent a while wandering around taking photos. We only had the one camera so had to share. I took quite a lot of photos of all the buildings from different angles. There were lots which I liked and difficult to choose which to post. In the end I chose this one as it gives a good view of two of the buildings. L’Hemisfèric is the front building and the back one is the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía. I would have liked to post pictures of the aquarium and science museum. But one post per week is one post per week! Perhaps I shall post these on my Flickr site which I have ignored for a while now.

First Day

Project 52: Week 18

First Day

This was taken on the last day of week 18 and the first day of my holiday.

I had struggled to find something to photography during the week in the UK so decided that I would try a get an interesting shot when I got to Valencia. The only problem might be that there might not be enough time.

We got into the city around midday, and after a rest, unpacking and some food we caught the metro into the old city for a late afternoon walk and to get a idea of what was in the city centre.

The narrow, old side streets were particularly interesting. Many had some great graffiti. As it turned out, I haven’t posted one of the graffiti shots I took but this one of the man turning the corner on his bike. Why? Well, I wanted this weeks photo to be different. I was in a different country, with different weather, different language, different architecture …. different styles even.

This guy looked different. He stood out with his great hairstyle (like the characters in the Hair Bear Bunch my mum said -apparently some cartoon she watched when she was young). He was also cycling handsfree (at least before getting to this bend). The buildings are also clearly different to the ones we usually see in the UK.

So there you are. Something a bit different.

Taken with a Fujifilm x10.

Garden Monster

Project 52: Week 17

Garden Monster

I was kicking a ball around in the garden with a friend when he shouted out, “Have a look at this huge spider”. So there was the idea for this week’s photo.

I went to grab the Fujifilm x10 as it is good at taking clear close ups. That’s why I used it for the pencil shot in week 7.

I took a number of photos as it wasn’t easy to get a super sharp photo as there was a slight breeze which made the web sway. Plus I had to hold the camera with stretched out arms as there was a bush between me and the spider.

I would have preferred to get the spider from the top but clearly that didn’t suit him. But a shot from below is different and not an angle we usually see spiders from.

This isn’t one for arachnophobics.

See! There are monsters at the bottom of your garden.

Home Run

Project 52: Week 16

Home Run

I struggled to think of what to photograph this week. Then I had the idea of choosing a topic which shows some of the activities I have been participating in this summer. And rounders was my choice as this is one of the sports we concentrated on in P.E. at school.

I don’t have a rounders bat at home and couldn’t find an old baseball bat I have somewhere so I used my dad’s old hockey stick. I thought that I would use a small aperture to create a blurred background again to focus attention on the ball. This was good at hiding the fact it was a hockey stick. One surprise was how 3-D the ball looks. Seems to be jumping out the page.

After about a hundred attempts I got the focus just right … only joking! I took three shots and chose the one that I thought looked the best. I am not revealing the trick.

I hope you like this week’s photo which I think has another summer theme.

Taken with a Nikon D200.

Summer Holidays = Freedom

Project 52: Week 15
Summer Holidays = Freedom

The summer holidays have started.

Sometimes the simplest photos are the best. I like the way my week 8 flowers came out and this was the easiest photo to take. So I have tried to take another easy but interesting photo. I decided that my BMX bike would make a good subject. Cycling and summer go together. I think that a bike also stands for freedom. Obviously I don’t drive but I can really get around town on my bike. And now the summer holidays have started I feel free.

I have used an aperture setting to try and blur the background and emphasise the front of the BMX. The only thing I have done to process the photo was to sharpen it and add a red filter. I think this adds to the summer feeling. Hope you like it.