Twenty Five

This is one of my entries for a school photo competition run at my school. Can’t decide whether to enter it in the portrait section or enhanced as it is a bit of both.

Superman 1

Another photo using the Nikon D610. I also used a few videos on YouTube to work out how to do some of the effects. For example, the head was made a bit bigger than normal. I also added the old fashioned wallpaper. I really like the way it has come out. It took a long time to put together but worth it. And finally, the model. Well superman is my super dad!

Broadway Polo #2


Well, you’ve seem a busy hat shop, now here’s a busy shirt shop. It’s the same shop as in my last post.

Broadway Polo #2

Each wall was covered with shirts. Not the best composition but, for me, a fun holiday snap.



One of the things on my shopping list was snap backs, or as my dad calls them base ball caps. What does he know?!


I knew what I wanted but still found it difficult to find. It was a particular Miami Heat snap back. This was one shop that was recommended to me (I can’t remember the name now). As you can see they had lots of hats. One wall was just hats and the opposite wall was just trainers. Didn’t find what I wanted but the amount of stuff was impressive and I think made for an interesting photo.

Another one with the Nikon D610.


Project 52: Week 51


Something very different today. I took a photo of some dense woodland. When I looked at the photo on the computer I thought it looked a bit boring. However, I have seen woodland photos where the trees have been blurred to give an eerie and abstract look. I found out that this can be done by smearing Vaseline on a lens. Well, I did not fancy doing this to my lens [plus I had taken the photo anyway]. My dad suggested trying motion blur. I hadn’t used this before [neither had he but just knowing about it helps!]. Anyway, that’s what I did and this is the result. Do you know, I quite like the effect.

Now that I look at it I wonder whether it would look good in black and white….

So like I said, something very different today.

Camera used: Nikon D610.

The End

Project 52: Week 48


I was surprised to learn that this week’s photo blog would be the last in the Project 52 competition run by Photography Monthly. It’s a shame because I had a few photos planned which I hoped would show some new techniques that I have been trying to learn. However, it also means that I no longer have to think of photos to take within the week’s deadlines. This has sometimes been very hard and I haven’t always been happy with the photo that I have posted. On the other hand, sometimes I have taken a few shots that I was very happy with. But the strict rules of the blog competition stopped me posting these. Bah!

The style of photo which I have taken today is one of those which when you first do it you think WOW! I have done it a few times but probably nearly two years ago when I used to go to my old school’s photography club. I always find it easier to show than to explain how to do things with computers. Basically, you take two photos of yourself. In each nothing changes except where you are in the photo. I put the camera on a 10 second timer so that I had time to sit down before the shutter clicked. We have Photoshop Elements 9 at home which I use to edit photos. When editing open one photo with the second on top. I then simply rub out part of the top layer using the eraser tool to reveal the hidden figure in the layer below.

The theme of the photo is obvious. It’s the end of this particular project. But not of my photos nor the blog. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, it’s a shame that Project 52 didn’t go on to the end of April as we are going to New York for Easter. There will be some great opportunities for photography there.

As I have said above this project has been a challenge. But it has also challenged me to try and be better and to try new techniques that I probably would not have done. I have picked the brains of both the internet and my dad who has always encouraged me and helped me sometimes to work out how to achieve a technique. Looking at my blog I can see that I have certainly developed at a photographer. Thanks to Photography Monthly for running this competition and special thanks to Jade from PM for her encouragement. And it’s been great having some of my photos feature in the magazine.

I will certainly keep up the blog but I might not post a photo every week. Although there might be quite a few New York shots towards the end of April!

Not a Snowman…

Project 52: Week 46

Not a Snowman...

Since it is coming to the end of the Project 52 competition I decided to try something new. I had previously seen photos where a face has been transformed by making it look as if it was made of plants and other stuff like this. So I searched for YouTube videos to find out how to create this effect. This is the video that I used:

I watched the video on the iPad while working on the computer editing my photo. The instructions weren’t too difficult to follow but I did have to experiment a bit to make the effect work for my photo. You can look at the video yourself to find out what to do. I will say that I needed a portrait and another photo which would replace the texture of the face. For this second bit I photographed a wall and some ivy growing on our wall at the bottom of the garden as I wasn’t sure what would work the best. In the end I didn’t even use the ivy. I liked the effect with the bricks plus it took so long I had no more energy to try the ivy.

At first I thought that I would use a self-portrait but that was difficult to do. So I asked my dad [again] if he would agree. He did. Plus he had more skin area on his head… to make the effect stand out more.

I had no ideas for a title so I decided to call it “Not a Snowman”. I suppose I could have called it Brickman. Anyway, I think it’s quite a fun title so I chose it.

This week’s photo(s) was taken using a Nikon D200.


Project 52: Week 42


I was really keen to post something really different. Not long now before the 52nd week of Project 52. So I wanted my photo to stand out.

How I got to post this photo is a bit of a story. About a week ago my dad showed me a magazine with this technique being used. I then forgot about it. On Wednesday my dad went over to our neighbour who enters a photography competition every month with his work. They took some laser painting photos and also used this oil on water technique. When Dave (my neighbour) e-mailed some of the photos I thought the oil on water shots were really cool. So yesterday (Thursday) I got the magazine, read what to do and had a go. Oh! The photo also fitted with what we have been learning about in science. It looks like a solar system.

It’s an interesting technique because the bubbles change shape as do the colours as they move around. It was also hard to take clear photos. Focusing was really tricky and I couldn’t use a tripod because of the angle of the shot. I took over 70 shots. Some I didn’t like because they were not in focus. I also kept taking them because as I moved the camera lens new interesting images came onto the camera screen.

I didn’t do much to edit the photo except to crop it a bit and I also sharpened it. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Night in the Park

Project 52: Week 36

Night in the Park

I have tried to create a spooky image this week. I was again inspired by a photo my dad took last year when the snows started. We all went to the park in the evening when it was getting dark. It is only a few minutes from our house. I used to spend loads of time here when I was younger. My team also plays its Saturday matches here every Saturday. Sadly we lost 2:0 this morning. Anyway, my dad previously took his little Fujifilm camera which I now use a lot. When he took his photo he put the camera in Toy Camera setting which gave it an interesting effect. Instead I used our old Nikon D200 on a tripod. To get that spooky look I blended in a couple of textures from the many dad has collected.

Oh by the way, those birds are not real. Dad showed me how to add those from brushes that he has in Photoshop elements. I think that they add to the mood of the photo.

Camera this week: Nikon D200 plus a tripod.

Hot Pepper Sauce

Project 52: Week 31

Hot Pepper Sauce

A whole week off and another last minute photo. But then if you are with friends or off with parents there’s little time to get out with the camera. So, another Saturday photo taken between coming home from having gone shopping in Swindon and before a certain program on ITV. That is why I am messing around with it on Sunday.

I got my inspiration for this week’s photo from a similar photo I saw of a Tobasco Sauce bottle. Sadly, mine is not as good. It was very hard to get the smoke coming out of the bottle. The only thing we had in the house were incense sticks. The problem was that they didn’t give off much smoke. My dad suggested putting some baby oil on them which helped a bit but not much. Plus, the effect only lasted for a few seconds so I had to take the photo quickly. I had the camera ready set up on the tripod.

For the background I used a dark sheet. However, I still had to darken it further in Elements to make it really black. This has slightly affected the look of the edge of the bottle on the left. With better lighting I might have got a better effect. There is only so much you can do with a lamp in the bedroom on a desk.

But even though the photo is not perfect I am pleased with what I have achieved. I like the illusion that I have created. And in real life I love hot food. My friends can’t handle most of the spicy food that I like to eat.

I used the Fujifilm x10 again. Thanks for viewing.