Garden Monster

Project 52: Week 17

Garden Monster

I was kicking a ball around in the garden with a friend when he shouted out, “Have a look at this huge spider”. So there was the idea for this week’s photo.

I went to grab the Fujifilm x10 as it is good at taking clear close ups. That’s why I used it for the pencil shot in week 7.

I took a number of photos as it wasn’t easy to get a super sharp photo as there was a slight breeze which made the web sway. Plus I had to hold the camera with stretched out arms as there was a bush between me and the spider.

I would have preferred to get the spider from the top but clearly that didn’t suit him. But a shot from below is different and not an angle we usually see spiders from.

This isn’t one for arachnophobics.

See! There are monsters at the bottom of your garden.

Mr D

Project 52: Week 10

Mr D LoRes

Well, this week I have captured our cat enjoying some of the great sun we have had. He is a great character and very much a member of the family. Very friendly and loves attention. He’ll follow you around the house and when you sit down he’ll find a spot near you (if not on top of you). Loves company.

Unfortunately, he is getting old now and since the new year has lost lots of weight. Apparently he has a dodgy kidney which is quite common for Persians. He has special food, but for a cat he eats like a mouse. He may be a little slower nowadays but he still enjoys life so that’s good.

Again, I borrowed my dad’s old Nikon D200 with a wide angle lens. This gives the photo a funky look. Another photo where I had to lie on the ground so that I could get an interesting angle – cats-eye-view. There was another photo which I liked but decided not to post that one as the washing on the line behind was distracting. Doh!

(I am a bit annoyed that the photo is so small but I don’t know how to sort this out. Perhaps because the photo is in portrait this week. You can get a larger version if you click on it).

Fantastic Mr Fox

Project 52: Week 3Fantastic Mr Fox

Last day of the Easter holiday and I wasn’t sure what I would post this week.

However, had a rummage through some of my old stuff and found some masks. So I had the idea of a portrait with a twist. It didn’t take much persuasion to get my dad to agree to the photo for two reasons. Firstly, he has a good sense of humour and the mask would ensure he could remain anonymous. Secondly, he was happy to pose in his new tweed jacket. He’s barely taken it off since buying it last week. He got it during a trip we had to London. Part of the reason to go was for me to buy some new clothes. I ended up buying nothing while he bought the jacket [and some other stuff]! Hmmm!

Taken on 16 April 2013 with a Fujifilm X10.