The View from the Rockefeller


I guess that this is quite a commonly seen view but it is the first time I had seen it for real.

The View From the Rockefeller

Taken from the Rockerfeller Building with the Nikon D610.

Empire State Building Night View


Another view from the Empire State Building, but this time at night. The ticket we had allowed us to revisit the building in the evening. As the morning queue was to long and slow we had decided not to return. But when the evening came, we hoped that the queues would be shorter. We got there about 9pm. Yes, the queues were better and faster but we still spent well over an hour waiting.

Empire State Buiding Night View

However, we decided that this was probably the last time we would go up (even if we returned to NYC) it was worth the effort. And I guess it was. However, it ha got really cold and my hands got cold holding the camera. I took a good couple of dozen photos and then my dad had it for the rest of the time!

Brooklyn Bridge at Night


The Brooklyn Bridge in New York Cityis one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Completed in 1883, it connects Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River.

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

This was the only time either my dad or I used the tripod during the holiday. We both took some photos both from the right and the left of the Brooklyn Bridge. This is taken from the right looking at Manhattan. This is obviously a popular view as there were many people looking towards the city and quite a few of these also had cameras, and some of these tripods.

Anyway, today is my dad’s birthday. So dad, this photo is for you. Hope you have had a great day!

Looking Down Then Up


This is a photo of the stair well from our corridor on the 29th floor of the Hyatt on 42nd Street. Mid Manhattan. A very different staircase to the Heals one which I took earlier in the year. Goes on for a lot longer for a start. I added a bit of a blue filter to this image.

Looking Down Then Up

This is more of the same but looking up this time.


For these photos I used my dad’s Olympus OMD with the fish eye to get as much of the scene in as possible.

Looking Down


Looking Down

Looking down at the Streets of Mid Town Manhattan from the Empire State Building. Things do look rather small fom up there.

Chrysler Building from the Empire State Building


Chrysler Building from the Empire State Building

So, as promised this a photo taken from the Empire State Building. In the middle(ish) you can see the Chrysler Building. Both buildings were once the tallest buildings in the world. Of the two, the Empire State is quite a bit taller.

To take create this photo I took three separate photos and then stitched them together using Photoshop Elements. This was my dad’s idea but he had never done this before either. After we had looked into this Elements does this quite easily. After stitching I just had to crop off the jagged edges. Apart from that I just played with the contrast settings and sharpened a little.

Immediately to the left of the Chrysler was our hotel and next door to that was Grand Central Station on 42nd Street. t was a great location. Very close to Broadway which we visited a few nights to see the lights and pop into the shops many of which were open till midnight. The atmosphere was great.

Another photo taken with the Nikon D610.

Central Park


Central Park

Not ready to post view from the Empire State Building yet. This is another from the Rockefeller Building but this time looking towards Central Park. Perhaps not as dramatic as yesterdays post but you get a view of the park which is almost an exact rectangle. While on holiday we visited the park a few times. Sometimes just to look around the park itself. Other times because the main museums and galleries were around the park.

Another photo taken with the Nikon D610. I only took the Nikon out on a couple of trips because of all the walking we did I didn’t want to carry it all day. Luckily it has two memory card slots so I shared using it with my dad. Other times my dad carried his small Olympus OMD which I also used a couple of times.

Rockefeller Building


This is just one of the views which I photographed from the top of the Rockefeller Building

Rockefeller Building

This is this the first time I have been in a skyscraper. Don’t get many here in Berkshire. The views were great. Funny thing is that I sort of expected the building to look taller – at least from the ground. You can see the Empire State Building in the centre. We went up that as well on a later date both during the day and then at night to see Manhattan after dark. One thing I did not enjoy was queuing up to get to the top. The Rockefeller was not too bad but the Empire State took hours. But that’s another story. Maybe I’ll post a day and night view from the Empire next. Stay tuned.

A Room with a View


So this is my first photo blog from New York. This is the view from our hotel window from 29th floor of the Grand Hyatt. The hotel was wonderfully located between Grand Central Station on the right and the Chrysler Building on the left. I found a tilt shift effect in Elements which I applied to the photo to give it a toy-town effect. I used my Nikon D610 to take this photo.

night shot

This is still from the hotel room window but at night. This time I used my dad’s Olympus OMD as he has a fish eye lens which let me get a lot of the scene into view.

Hope to post some more in the next few days. I am still recovering from jet lag! It’s a miracle I posted these today but I wanted to download my photo on to the lap top.

Home of the Spies


Moving on from Tate Britain, crossing the road, looking over the Thames and you will see the MI6 building. I tried to take a long exposure to smooth the water. I used my dad’s neutral density filter to do this.

Home of the Spies

This is the MI6 building taken after we had crossed Vauxhall Bridge. We were on the same side of the river.

Apart from cropping there is hardly any editing with these photos.