Brooklyn Bridge

Twenty One

A view of the Brooklyn Bridge from a point of view that we don’t always see.

Brooklyn Bridge

I wanted to focus on the cables and Manhattan. I might post one with the main columns another time.

Taken with the Olympus OMD.



Strange how much I am posting now that Project 52 has officially ended.

Talking of end, I took this on the way out of Tate Britain.


Again, this was taken with a fish eye lens. I guess that the look you get is not for everyone but I like it. I also increased the red to try and get that vintage look. It’s funny, the inside is huge. Loads of exhibits. However, from this angle it looks quite small. The TARDIS effect.

And that is the end of my Tate series. Hope you enjoyed viewing.

Tate Britain Alien Warrior


Tate Britain Alien Warrior

This is a statue in the upper entrance of Tate Britain. Obviously Egyptian, but it looked as thought it could have been an alien warrior. It was close to the spiral staircase and above was a magnificent ceiling light. These will follow in ne following photo posts.

Looking Up

Project 52: Week 52

Looking Up

So this is officially week 52.

Trip into London. The title and photos say it all. I’ll put some more up from this trip later.

OK, so we have a p.s. situation here. I have just processed another image. Well, just tweaked the colour to give it a reddish tinge which hopefully gives it a bit of a retro look. As we all know this is the current look! This time of the view just to the right of the SIS Building (that’s the MI6 building) with Vauxhall Bridge to the left. I took this just after we had been to the Tate Modern. I’ve got photos of that also so stayed tuned.

Vauxhall Bridge

I love the effect the fish eye has given the photo.

Gong Hey Fat Choy

Project 52: Week 45

Gong Hey Fat Choy

On Sunday we went to London. As the Chinese New Year had passed we didn’t think that there would be any celebrations. We always like to head for China Town anyway and when we got there we realised we were wrong. Very wrong!

This photo was taken at the entrance of the main section of China Town. The crowds were so thick that you could hardly move. We couldn’t actually get into the China Town area because of overcrowding. They were only letting people out. So I tried to take the best photo I could to catch the moment, holding the camera above my head. I thought this one was the best.

I hope you get a feel for the amount of people on the streets.

By the way, Gong Hey Fat Choy is Chinese for Happy New Year.

Staircase Helter Skelter

Project 52: Week 40

Staircase Helter Skeler

First I would like to say thanks for all the views, likes and follows that I have recently had. I don’t know why but my views went crazy on 31 December and are still strong today.

Today I went into London with my dad. Apart from keeping my eyes open for a birthday present for myself, we came across a fantastic spiral staircase in Heals department store. Both my dad and I took some photos. It was difficult to choose the best spot to take the photo from. However, this one was, I think, the best one which I took. Dad loved the staircase but wasn’t happy with any of his shots and wants to go back for another go.

I haven’t really edited this photo at all except to add a bit of sharpening. This is a very impressive staircase and I hope that this photo manages to get this across. If you are in London I would recommend a visit.

Destination Christmas

Project 52: Week 37

Destination Christmas

Yesterday [Sunday] my mum, dad and I went to London for a spot of shopping and generally looking around. We went to Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, Whitechapel (mum remembered going to a nice restaurant there and wanted to go back and yes it was nice) and then we finished off walking the length of Oxford Street.

Although I took the camera as I thought that this would be a good opportunity for this week’s photo I didn’t actually take that many photos. I decided on this one because it summed up the day. Lots of crowds pushing and shoving on the pavements and in the shops all because it is coming up to CHRISTMAS!

This shop was so lit up that I did not notice what its name was. Mum told me later that it was one of the most famous department stores – Selfridges. I used my dad’s new fish eye lens to take this photo. First, it let me get a lot more of the shop into the photo. Secondly, I like the effect.

Houses of Parliament

Project 52: Week 25

I said last week that I wanted to try some more long exposure photography. And I have this week.
I went to London with my dad today [Saturday]. This weekend is what is called Open House London. Many buildings which you can’t usually enter are opened for the public. The plan was for me and dad to spend a day in London and then to go into London again tomorrow with mum who couldn’t come today.

We thought we might check out Lloyds of London and the Gherkin as they were very close to each other. However, the queues were huge and we decided against it. We agreed to look at the outsides of the building instead and maybe go into any which were not too busy. One building that we did enter was The Royal Courts of Justice. It was a very impressive building inside but you were not allowed to take photos.

Outside the weather was very dull and cloudy. We eventually made our way to the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and further along, the M16 Building.

Using the tripod we both took photos of the buildings. When I got home I found it very difficult to choose which photo to post. It was between a photo of the M16 Building and one of the Houses of Parliament. In the end I went for Parliament. Because the light was so dull I decided to convert the photo to black and white again which I think suits the image very well. One thing I am not 100% happy with is that when blow up the photo it is not as crisp as I would like. I will need to practise some more on focusing when using a neutral density filter. But other than that I am happy with the photo.

Notting Hill Carnival

Project 52: Week 22

Notting Hill Carnival

On Bank Holiday Monday I went to the Notting Hill Carnival. I managed to take quite a few photos but chose to post this one because it was the most vibrant. It stood out because each of the three people in the picture are wearing different colours.

This is the first time that I visited the Notting Hill Carnival. I thought that it was great. The costumes were very creative and extremely colourful. The streets were very crowded with everyone trying to get a good view of the carnival processions.

I didn’t need to edit to photo except to sharpen it a bit. I didn’t even need to crop it as I thought that it filled the frame well with action and colour.

London from the Thames

Project 52: Week 5London from the Thames

A photo taken right at the start of the week for a change.

It was my dad’s birthday so a great excuse for a trip into London. We all like to walk along the South Bank from Westminster to the Millenium Bridge. So with the compact camera in my hands I kept my eyes open for an interesting photo opportunity.

I thought this scene of old buildings with the newer ones growing behind them was interesting. London Bridge is to the right of the photo and you can see The Gerkin peeking out from the back. I took quite a few shots at different angles. There were quite a few seagulls swooping around and I hoped that I might catch one or more in a good position in the photos. When I looked at the photos at home this one stuck out. The seagull in the top right makes this photo for me. I hope you like it as well.

This is another photo which I did not have to edit much. I set my camera to Toy Camera setting which gave it its warm colours which I think suit the scene well.

Taken with a Fujifim x10.