Statue of Liberty

Twenty Two

I suppose almost every one recognises the Statue of Liberty. So this photo does not really need a title.

Statue of Liberty

When we set of on the ferry it was quite hazy but warmish. But as the day progressed the temperature warmed up nicely and visibility improved.

Taken with the Olympus.


Brooklyn Bridge

Twenty One

A view of the Brooklyn Bridge from a point of view that we don’t always see.

Brooklyn Bridge

I wanted to focus on the cables and Manhattan. I might post one with the main columns another time.

Taken with the Olympus OMD.

Empire State Building Night View


Another view from the Empire State Building, but this time at night. The ticket we had allowed us to revisit the building in the evening. As the morning queue was to long and slow we had decided not to return. But when the evening came, we hoped that the queues would be shorter. We got there about 9pm. Yes, the queues were better and faster but we still spent well over an hour waiting.

Empire State Buiding Night View

However, we decided that this was probably the last time we would go up (even if we returned to NYC) it was worth the effort. And I guess it was. However, it ha got really cold and my hands got cold holding the camera. I took a good couple of dozen photos and then my dad had it for the rest of the time!

Home of the Spies


Moving on from Tate Britain, crossing the road, looking over the Thames and you will see the MI6 building. I tried to take a long exposure to smooth the water. I used my dad’s neutral density filter to do this.

Home of the Spies

This is the MI6 building taken after we had crossed Vauxhall Bridge. We were on the same side of the river.

Apart from cropping there is hardly any editing with these photos.

Looking Up, Looking Down


Another couple from Tate Britain. This one is of the glass ceiling in the main entrance.

Looking Up, Looking Down

And another spiral staircase. I really like the sweeping curves of these types of staircases… as you can probably guess by now.

Possibly a couple more from Tate Britain to come.


Project 52: Week 51


Something very different today. I took a photo of some dense woodland. When I looked at the photo on the computer I thought it looked a bit boring. However, I have seen woodland photos where the trees have been blurred to give an eerie and abstract look. I found out that this can be done by smearing Vaseline on a lens. Well, I did not fancy doing this to my lens [plus I had taken the photo anyway]. My dad suggested trying motion blur. I hadn’t used this before [neither had he but just knowing about it helps!]. Anyway, that’s what I did and this is the result. Do you know, I quite like the effect.

Now that I look at it I wonder whether it would look good in black and white….

So like I said, something very different today.

Camera used: Nikon D610.

University Architecture

Project 52: Week 50

University Architecture

What can I say? I am delighted to have won Project 52. This is my first blog since the win and my first blog using the Nikon D610 which I won.

Wow! What a great camera. The clarity of the photos are superb. I haven’t really had time to use it so was determined to get out today and take some photos. As I had other things to do I went to the university campus which is near. I thought that I would take some architectural photos.

The only thing I did to edit the photo was to try and blur the clouds to give it that long exposure look which I am currently liking.

It leaves me to thank Photography Monthly for picking my blog and photos as the winner of Project 52 (and in particular to Jade who was always encouraging) and of course Nikon for supplying such a fantastic camera and also Adobe for not only giving me a copy of Elements but upgrading it from Elements 11 to Elements 12.

And finally well done to all the other competitors who kept going to the end. It was a motivation to look at their blogs. I’m glad you are still uploading.

I’m adding two more photos this morning from yesterdays trip to the uni. More buildings. The same photo but one colour and one black and white. Which do you prefer?

University Architecture: Colour

University Architecture: Colour

University Architecture: Black and White

University Architecture: Black and White