One of the things on my shopping list was snap backs, or as my dad calls them base ball caps. What does he know?!


I knew what I wanted but still found it difficult to find. It was a particular Miami Heat snap back. This was one shop that was recommended to me (I can’t remember the name now). As you can see they had lots of hats. One wall was just hats and the opposite wall was just trainers. Didn’t find what I wanted but the amount of stuff was impressive and I think made for an interesting photo.

Another one with the Nikon D610.

Looking Down


Looking Down

Looking down at the Streets of Mid Town Manhattan from the Empire State Building. Things do look rather small fom up there.

Central Park


Central Park

Not ready to post view from the Empire State Building yet. This is another from the Rockefeller Building but this time looking towards Central Park. Perhaps not as dramatic as yesterdays post but you get a view of the park which is almost an exact rectangle. While on holiday we visited the park a few times. Sometimes just to look around the park itself. Other times because the main museums and galleries were around the park.

Another photo taken with the Nikon D610. I only took the Nikon out on a couple of trips because of all the walking we did I didn’t want to carry it all day. Luckily it has two memory card slots so I shared using it with my dad. Other times my dad carried his small Olympus OMD which I also used a couple of times.

A Room with a View


So this is my first photo blog from New York. This is the view from our hotel window from 29th floor of the Grand Hyatt. The hotel was wonderfully located between Grand Central Station on the right and the Chrysler Building on the left. I found a tilt shift effect in Elements which I applied to the photo to give it a toy-town effect. I used my Nikon D610 to take this photo.

night shot

This is still from the hotel room window but at night. This time I used my dad’s Olympus OMD as he has a fish eye lens which let me get a lot of the scene into view.

Hope to post some more in the next few days. I am still recovering from jet lag! It’s a miracle I posted these today but I wanted to download my photo on to the lap top.